A PLACE: For passion, pleasure and persistence in moving towards what you truly want for your life. For honoring your joy, your bliss and living in your zone of genius. For understanding how the mind works and HOW to change it. Where we know we are all Powerful Creators of our reality. To support each other. WHY JOIN???? TRANSFORMING YOUR LIFE IS LOADS MORE FUN  AND MUCH EASIER WITH LIKE MINDED FRIENDS. Hanging out with AWESOME like minded Powerful Creators is priceless. This group is not about ONLY being POSITIVE – it’s about AUTHENTICITY We acknowledge and respect negative feelings but also understand they are from our past, so we can take their gifts and LET THEM GO. Inspirational interviews each week about the road to success of fellow powerful creators who are following their passion and living their purpose. JOIN a 14 day WEALTHY WORTHY AND WILD CHALLENGE (rinse and repeat)  to:

  • Transform your limiting beliefs
  • Become super clear on what you really want in life
  • Be able to stay in alignment with your goals and desires without resistance
  • Learn the best tool on the planet for releasing resistance
  • Learn how to change traumatic memories that keep patterns in your life repeating

JOIN a 7 day BIG LEAP CHALLENGE (repeat as many times as you like)

  • Be guided and supported as we study Gay Hendricks book – The Big Leap
  • Exercises to help you really break through your glass ceiling to a life that keeps getting better and better and better.

Be part of tapping sessions on zoom for the group – we all have similar cultural and family beliefs so we help each other. Each month a person will be sponsored by the group to receive tapping sessions from me. Their progress will be reported in the group. Huge collation of manifesting specialists doing Ted talks, videos and podcasts. Discounted Programs that include one on one tapping sessions with Ilka Oster AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!

To Join this inspiring and supportive community, click the link below

Here’s what previous participants of the Wealthy Worthy & Wild Challenge are saying.

“I joined the last round of this 30 day challenge and whilst I already guessed Ilka would be great from my own intuition, and already knew Faster EFT was awesome from my own playing around, I’m even more impressed with both after doing this challenge.

My own awareness of myself and my unconscious junk was already quite high going into this, and with Ilka’s help, it’s now jumped up a level (or five!).

I am so much more empowered to find and release anything and everything that no longer serves me and am doing another round of this challenge as I have got so much out of it, I want to dive deeper.”

Caroline Southwell


“Ilka’s daily support in getting to the bottom of my long held money struggles really helped me tune in, especially our one on one session clearing stuff that I’d never related to poverty mindset.

Her many strategies for tackling issues are amazing and there’s loads of steps to transform thinking. Thanks Ilka, money is no longer stressful!!”


Rosebud, Victoria

“The connections that Ilka was able to help me uncover about my money beliefs, programs about lack and not being good enough in general that i had picked up in childhood were incredible and more amazingly she guided me to CLEAR THEM!!

This program is truly life changing!  A million blessings Ilka!!”


Sunshine coast, Qld

“Ilka’s challenge offer was ridiculous. I HAD to say YES to it. It was the best decision in my last 40 days!.  Ilka is a real digger; gets you down into deep stuff – to clear it, seriously.

And yet she does it playfully and with wits!!! She makes it so much fun, too, presenting another video every day, with again a new idea and always support.

Any question – she is ready to help you go. The SPECIAL TREAT is the one on one session with her – Priceless!!

Claudia Merkle