“It was one of the most intense, profound sessions I’ve had. I’m very fussing about the practitioners I choose… because I believe we are guided to healers who have an alchemical match with us, so we’ve got to go to them so the work gets done well!

Ilka, what I like about your work is the clear, clean, centred, knowing space you hold. There is clear sight, no ego, love, joy, fun, and you don’t shy away from going into truth and depth. You also intertwine shamanic wisdom into these sessions, which is powerful and kindred for me.

Thank You, Ilka.  I’m extremely grateful for our last session. It’s been very powerful for me.”

- Genneveive Kenneally

United States

“Thank you for a wholly transforming experience these last 3 months, Ilka! You’ve kept me coming back for more.  More growth, warm encouragement in your group and most of all, more incredible insight into this life and this mind.

The material you share is exhilarating and life-changing, and the fact that you’re constantly available to guide, field questions honestly and take a genuine interest in the well being of your participants, positions what you offer on a whole new level.

As a business owner, I’m finding more joy and focus and am more excited than ever now.  Life in general has a certain ease to it I never thought possible and I’ve been so impressed with the profound changes through Faster EFT (the personal session with Ilka is brilliant!).

Who said it’s all downhill from 50? I’m just cutting teeth. It’s a rich life!”

Darene Puttergill

Sunshine Coast, Australia

“I have been in counselling for over twenty years, which has been useful but I am certainly feeling the biggest changes and freedom in the past few months since starting sessions with Ilka Oster”



“For the first time in more than 8 months I took time out from work to be with my kids and I wasn’t anxious. Ilka is making a big difference to my life”

Glenn Burton

Sunshine Coast

“Today I am much happier within myself and have a belief of myself I have never had before. I am back on my treadmill and exercising and doing so much more for myself, self love was a huge break through.  I thoroughly recommend Ilka and would give her a 5 star rating.”

Leanne Van Konynenburg

Yeppoon, QLD

“I came away feeling lighter and calmer and have felt the results in my everyday life which is the most important thing.”

Nicki Humphrey

Sunshine Coast